Strongarm I dead?

Strongarm is a Autobot/Suicide Squad member. It is unkown what happened to him


Strongarm was a consructor. He made buildings, even Iacons stellar galleries.


When Sentinel Prime created the Autobots, he joined. He was in the Ark, but fell in the Nemesis, and was captured by the Decepticons. When the Ark returned to Cybertron,The Autobots rescued him. he joined the Suicide Squad. When Unicron was attacking, He went with the Sucicde Squad to stop him.

Outcome 1Edit

In the sereis, The Fallen attacked him, and threw Strongarm into a Lazarus Pit, where he met his demise.

Outcome 2Edit

In The Suicide Squad written story, He was thrown by The Fallen like the rest of the team, and landed on Nebulos. his weak spark caused his death...... Or was it?