Energon Starscream toy

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Starscream is a Decepticon/Autobot/High Council member/Throttlebot/Seeker/Predacon.

Early yearsEdit

Starscream worked in the High Council with Alpha Trion, Zeta Prime, and Soundwave. When Megatron started making the Decepticons, he joined. He was captured by the Autobots on the battle on the Ark.


Starscream was treated as an equal. he became a Autobot. He was in the Earth Battles and stayed on the Ark during the battle for Cybertron. He missed the days of being a Decepticon, so he left an joined them.


He stayed as a Decepticon. he tried to make Megatron proud, by winning fights, making a boomerang sword, and finding a partner Mini-con, Swindle. Megatron was never pleased. He is responsible for the death of Teletraan 1.


He was unhappy at the leadership of Deathasaurus. When he died, Starscream and Swindle joined Thrust's Predacons.