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Skids is an Autobot that is glad to be part of the team.

Early yearsEdit

Skids was a young Transformer who grew up in Iacon. When he grew up, He became a news reporter with Elita-1.

The Return of the AutobotsEdit

When the Autobots returned from space, he was in a helicopter to find The Ark. The Autobots told him no camera, and he did. The Autobots saw he was trust worthy, and let him join the Autobots.

The Unicron CrisisEdit

Optimus Prime gave him the List of the new Autobots. He, the Autobots, and the High Council flew in the Ark to Unicron. He saw the death of Optimus Prime, and saw the defeat of The Fallen. He and the team returned to Cybertron.