Energon Rodimus toy

Hi! I'm a cool leader! No, not that guy...

Rodimus Prime is the current Matrix bearer.

Young timesEdit

Originally Hot Rod, Hot Rod played with friends in the city of Iacon. He was a very friendly person. When he grew up, he took a job that was the secretary for the High Council.

The journey to a AutobotEdit

One day, The Autobots came to the High Council to get ready for Unicron. Hot Rod came in and wanted to join. Optimus Prime sensed good in him, and alowed him. The Autobots took off in The Ark to Unicron. The Fallen came in and killed Optimus Prime. Optimus Prime passed the matrix to Hot Rod, making him Rodimus Prime. Rodimus defeated Unicron, amd returned to Cybertron with the Autobots.