I am your master! But you're walking on me!

Primus is the god of the Transformers.


Primus was created when The One seperated Unicron in two, making one half Primus, and the other half still Unicron. Primus was the god of Order and Light. he went around space, making Planets and exploring the universe.

Unicron betrayelEdit

Primus original

The original form... Human!

When Unicron started becoming corrupt, and started eating planets, Primus tried to stop him, but failed. Unicron changed his form into a Transformer that turned into a planet. Primus did the same. He turned into the planet Cybertron. He gave some of his Transformer powers to the Original 13, his creations.He created a Matrix to pass down to the leaders. one of the 13 betrayed him, and became The Fallen. In the end, Prima banished The Fallen and Unicron in a black hole. Primus then created the Transformer race. He stayed as Cybertron for eons.


When Zeta Prime was Scround, he revived Sentinel Prime to help him.