Prima is one of the original 13.

The 13Edit

Prima was one of the first 13 Transformers created by Primus. He lived happily under the command of Primon. He was good friends with Alpha Trion and Vector Prime. He was sad at the death of Primon, who died of old age. Vector Prime Became the next leader through the passing of the matrix.

The BetrayelEdit

One of the 13, Megatrouns Prime, betrayed Primus, and joined Unicron. This changed his name to The Fallen. The Fallen killed Vector Prime, and worked with Unicron. Vector Prime passed the Creation Matrix to Prima. Prima got the Star Saber from Primus to defeat The Fallen and Unicron. He and the 5 Transformers defeated Unicron and The Fallen, and banished them to a black hole. He, Alpha Trion, and 2 new Transformers created by Primus formed The High Council.


He led the Transformers through an Era of peace. he died if old age, and passed the Matrix to Prime Nova.

Battle of the PrimesEdit

He was revived to defeat Nova Prime, but failed, and returned to the matrix.