Omega supreme

You died? how do you call yourself a warrior? I don't want to see your face until... Oh, wait

Omega Supreme Is A Guy Who Died.

The BeginingEdit

The Vector Sigma computer created him to lead the Omega Sentinels and defend Cybertron as a last line of defense. He died in the battle of Iacon when The Fallen teleported into him, and riped out his spark.Alpha Trion kept the blue prints for him. he later passed it to Grimlock, who gave it to Prowl.


When The Suicide Squad was stranded on Nebulos, Prowl revived Omega Supreme to take them back to Cybertron. When he was flying through space, he was hit by an asteriod. he landed on Quintessa for repairs. When the team was kidnapped, he rescued them. He then flew away with them, slammed into mars, flung Sharkticon out, and continued to fly to Cybertron.