This is one of the rare pictures with his hand still on.

Megatron is a evil Decepticon.

Early YearsEdit

Megatron had a family of criminals, which influenced hime to be evil. But his family found that Megatrons crimes were much larger and eviler. Even his family feared him. When Megatron killed his brother, Gigitron, over a Energon Cube, The family banished him from their home. Megatron wandered Cybertron, without a home.

The FallenEdit

Megatron found his way to the city Kanon, where the evil Fallen was recruiting Decepticons to take over Cybertron. Megatron joined. He eventually rose through the ranks and became second in command. He eventually cut the Autobot leader, Guardian Prime, in half. He loved the defeat of Primes, he dedicated his life to destroing them. Years of war went by. He finally killed the second Prime, Zeta Prime.

Defeat, and Nova PrimeEdit

Zeta Prime passed the Creation Matrix to Nova Prime, who was evil. Nova Prime banished The Fallen to a black hole, and destroied the Decepticons. Megatron went into hiding.When Nova Prime enslaved Cybertron, Megatron was captured, and was a slave. Megatron soon escaped, and returned to hiding, not knowing what happend to Nova Prime after that.

The Third Great WarEdit

Megatron discovered that something happened to Nova Prime, because Cybertron was free again, and in peace. years went by, and Megatron hated the peace. He began recruiting Decepticons. Sentinel Prime heard of this, and made the Autobots.Megatron fought Sentinel, but he realized to defeat him, and stop Primes forever, he had to die also. He pushed himself and Sentinel in the Grave Yard of the Gods. His death tainted the land, and any Transformer that died there, would be reserected evil.

Years later, The remaining Decepticons returned to Cybertron, where they took over. Kup, a secret agent, returned Megatron to life. Megatron went to the High Council room, where he returned to command the Decepticons.Later, the Autobots returned, and brought down the Decepticons. Megatron and his decepticons went in hiding in Kanon for a long time. at some point, Starscream, a Decepticon, returned, loyal to Megatron. Megatron died in a battle with Rodimus Prime.