I can cook all kinds of things!

Jazz is a Autobot/Suicide Squad member

He is also a chef.

Before the war.Edit

Jazz worked for McAdams's old Oil House. When his food wasn't Oil, McAdam fired him, saying his food wasn't good. Jazz, feeling that there was no reason to live, went into hiding. That's were he found Prowl, making a new Sucide Squad. He joined. when Grimlock was recruited, Jazz found that he was always hungry. When Optronix joined, he tought him how to surrvive in the wilderness for days. Later, he joined the Autobots. When Sentinel Prime died, he saw Optimus was'nt a good leader. He stayed when Prowl quit. But on the second day, he quit, with Grimlock

Cybertron WarEdit

He was later seen with Inferno, Prowl, and Grimlock defending Cybertron from brainwashed civilians. He helped the Autobots take back the High Council. He later helped recruit Signal Flare and Strongarm. When Unicron attacked, He went to stop it, but The Fallen threw him to Nebulos. Jazz helped rebuild Omega Supreme. He went to Quintessa with the team. He rescued Prowl and Landquake. He later returned to Cybertron, and helped defend Cybertron when the Autobots were gone.