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Inferno is an Autobot/Suicide Squad member

Before the warEdit

Inferno was a paranoid fireman. He became paranoid when his firemen friends left him in a fire.

The WarEdit

Inferno joined the Autobots when Sentinel Prime was recruiting.When Sentinel died, he was one of the Autobots that left when Optimus Prime was proved to be a bad leader. He then joined the Suicide Squad. He was later seen fighting brainwashed civilians. When the Autobots returned, he rejoined, seeing Optimus Prime a greater leader.


Inferno went woth Prowl, Jazz, Strongarm and Signal Flare to Unicron. The Fallen defeated him and threw him and the others to Nebulos. Because of his training with the Suicicde Squad, he became braver. He helped make Omega Supreme, and flew to Quintessa. When Prowl and Landquake went missing, he and Jazz went to find them.