Roar. I'm a T-rex...(Or am I...)

Grimlock is a Suicide Squad member. He's....a little...crazy.

Early YearsEdit

Grimlock was raised in the city of Kanon. His parents died when Nova Prime took over. Grimlock survived, and went into hiding. He found Alpha Trion and joined his Suicide Squad. It was called that because it's plan was so crazy, it was almost suicide. he fought Nemesis Prime in the great battle of the Primes. He was the only one from the Suicide Squad that acually hurt Nemesis, but in the end was tossed aside.

The Next GenerationEdit

Grimlock eventually found Prowl and Jazz, in which he joined Their new Suicide Squad. They stayed in hiding for years, to be a "backup plan" in case the Autobots turned evil. They later found Optronix, and trained him. Grimlock trained him to fight. When Optronix joined the Autobots, so did he. When Sentinel Prime died, he passed the matrix to Optronix, making him Optimus Prime. Prowl saw that he was a bad leader, so he left. Jazz and Grimlock stayed to the second day, where he too realized Optimus was a bad leader. he left, and joined the Suicide Squad yet again.

Years LaterEdit

Years later, The Decepticons returned from space, and took over Cybertron. He was one of the memebers of the Suicide Squad (Including Prowl, Jazz, and Inferno) attacking brainwashed civilans. They rejoined the Autobots when they returned, and became part of the elite comandos. He helped take back the High Council room. He then returned to The Ark.

Unicron ThreatEdit

Grimlock saw the recruitment with Strongarm and Signal Flare. When the Suicide Squad went to stop Unicron, Grimlock went to Cybertron instead. When he heard of the Suicide Squad's defeat, he lived in the alyways of Kanon, like a hobo.