Rahh! I have Guns!... maybe more than I need...

Brawl is a over armed Decepticon.

Early YearsEdit

Brawl lived in Kanon, and was Megatron's Cousin. when Megatron killed Gigitron, he voted to banish Megatron. Later, he realized that Megatron was the best of the family, so he left on a quest to find him.


When Megatron started recruiting Decepticons, Brawl joined. Brawl was on The Nemesis, and stayed on The Ark when it went through the worm hole. He followed orders despictivley. Soundwave saw him as a good soilder. He returned Cybertron with the others and served Zarak, and then Megatron. When the Autobots defeated the Decepticons, he went with Megatron to go into hiding.