It stares at you... with that same expression

Autobots are a group of cybertronians who love peace... so they.. fight?

but they were disbanned many times and recreated several times.

First GenerationEdit

Prime Nova made the team to stop The Quintessons from taking over Cybertron.


1. Prime Nova

2. Alpha Prime

3.Guardian Prime

Guardian Prime made the Quintessons leave, and he disbanded the Autobots.

Second GenerationEdit

When The Fallen returned with a team of Decepticons, Guardian Prime recreated The Autobots to stop them.


1. Guardian Prime

2. Zeta Prime

3. Nova Prime/ Nemesis Prime

4. Zeta Prime

5. Sentinel Prime

Nova Prime defeated The Fallen, but turned into the evil Nemesis Prime. Zeta Prime returned and made Sentinel Prime, who stoped him. he later disbanned the Autobots

Third GenerationEdit

When Megatron Remade the Decepticons, Sentinel remade the Autobots.


1.Sentinel Prime

2.Optimus Prime

3.Rodimus Prime

The current generation is this generation.